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Keir, 24, Glasgow, Scotland. Film & Television Graduate, Photographer, Wolves At Heart, Struggletown Records. All photos taken by me unless it's credited otherwise
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Let’s aim higher than measuring a country’s worth by how much oil it may be able to extract from the ground.

It is incredibly disheartening to hear BOTH sides argue that Scotland’s fate ultimately depends on how many billions of barrels of oil may or may not be in the North Sea.

What happened to having pride and stirring up confidence in Scotland’s greatest resource, and the one most critical to it’s future success; IT’S PEOPLE.

In an independent Scotland, I hope we can come to a reasoned consensus that oil should not be a pillar of our economy going forward, but that instead we can use our ‘oil wealth’ (which is finite) in helping us to establish and transition to a NEW ECONOMY that places Technological, Medical and Creative endeavours at the forefront, which will enable us to be a prosperous and sustainable country for generations to come.

Our potential wealth garnered from oil NEEDS to propel us into a future where we can harness renewable energy (of which we are geographically suited to take advantage of) and position Scotland as a leading example that the rest of the world can follow in transitioning away from finite fossil fuels towards renewable energy. It also NEEDS to help us promote the new kind of economy we want for ourselves; an economy that encourages the hard work and ingenuity of a population who are compelled to invent and create, as well as an economy that prioritises the needs of the many rather than the wants of a few.

I truly hope that once the results are in (and hopefully with a YES vote winning out) we can really hit the ground running by prioritising Scotland’s long term future, how we can feasibly get there, and on the things we can actually control. Too much time has already been wasted arguing about oil estimates/value approximations, using numbers that fluctuate wildly depending on the whims of the economic markets, that put priority on short term profits rather than long term sustainability. We can do better.

Let’s please put irrelevant politicking and reactionary tabloid style reductionism behind us, and instead talk about the people of this country, our preparedness to meet the oncoming and long term responsibilities coming our way, and how we are going to continue to instill the civic activism and political engagement we are going to need past the 18th of September.


filling in on bass for Bright Side (King Tuts, August 30th 2014)

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incredible stuff

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PLUS - Bear Arms - Strength and Conviction (LP) - SeptemberHelp us out by grabbing a shirt or a record from! STRUGGLEFEST 2014 is happening and it’s going to rule.Get yrslf a ticket!


PLUS - Bear Arms - Strength and Conviction (LP) - September
Help us out by grabbing a shirt or a record from

Also! STRUGGLEFEST 2014 is happening and it’s going to rule.
Get yrslf a ticket!

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Barcelona July 2014 - part 4

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Barcelona July 2014 - part 3

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Reptile House at Barcelona Zoo (July 19th 2014)

photo by Keir O’Donnell

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